Rooms and Prices
Rooms and Prices

Below you can find an overview of the rooms in Monasterium PoortAckere, scattered in 4 buildings: 'Maagdenvleugel' and 'Slot' (garden side) and 'Breedhuis' and 'Huis van de Rector' (street side).

Attention: check in time 14:00 pm-23:00 pm, check out time 07:00 am-11:00 am. Do you arrive after 18:00 pm? Please inform the reception. In our luggage room you can store your luggage safe, comfortable and without any charge.

» Breedhuis (street side)
Breedhuis (street side)
» Huis van de Rector (street side)
Huis van de Rector (street side)
» Slot Standaard
Slot Standaard
» Maagdenvleugel
» Slot Gast tv
Slot Gast tv
» Slot Gast
Slot Gast
» Slot 1.0
Slot 1.0
» Slot 3.3
Slot 3.3
» Slot S3.4
4 persons mezzanine room
» Slot S3.5
5 persons mezzanine room
» Slot 3.6
6 persons mezzanine room
» Slot S3.0
3 persons mezzanine room
» Slot 2.0
4 persons room
» Price list
Price list
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